Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Chinese Take Out Anyone?

Boy, did I have fun last week!  I was working on a wonderful project from The Cutting Cafe.  We were to use the Chinese Take Out Box template which also included a template for making fortune cookies, fortunes and all!  I wanted to make mine rather authentic looking so I used a heavy base weight card stock to cut out the box on my Silouhette.  I followed the directions and folded and glued it.  I decided to stamp all four sides with some of my Oriental stamps (I have a lot!)  The one big mistake I made was stamping AFTER I put the box together instead of BEFORE!   Oops... It turned out fine, anyway.  I made the handle with some bling type ribbon that is stiff.  I wanted it to stay up like the wire handle on the real boxes.  By the way, this box is only 2 1/4 " high.  You can make it larger, but my Silhouette machine will only use paper up to 8 1/2 X 11" so I had to use what I had.  It could have also been cut by hand, but I wasn't into doing that so much.  To make the fortune cookies, I printed out the sayings that were included in the set and followed the directions on how to put them together.  After they were together, I sponged them to make them look real.

 Take out box front (opened)

Take out box side and back (closed)

If you want to have a great gift for someone who loves Chinese food, you simply must go to The Cutting Cafe and buy this set!   If you don't want to make your own,  I can take orders for these sets.

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  1. I personally LOVE chinese take-out :) And your box and cookies look GREAT!! So real-looking. How fun.

  2. what a fantastic project....i simply love love those fortune cookies.........

  3. I love the Chinese theme to your Chinese take out boxes.

  4. Great job Barb!!! I definitely want to eat one of those cookies!!! Thank you also for the God Whispers email... LOVED it ♥